Construction Updates

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Captain’s View, CF3 5HT
Captain’s Walk, CF3 4HR
Silvervale Park, CF3 0PY
  • Full hoarding installed
    The Captain’s Walk and Captain’s View developments will commence with full hoarding being installed around both sites and the welfare facility in the central park area, which will totally enclose all areas affected by the construction process.
  • Removal of existing topsoil
    Silvervale Park will commence with removal of the existing topsoil across the development. These works will be carried out by a nominated groundworks contractor and will be supervised by Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust (GGAT) who will undertake an archaeological ‘watching brief’.
  • Haul road constructed
    On completion of the hoarding, a haul road will be constructed between the two land parcels and the extensive ‘cut and fill’ earthworks will commence. This process will remodel the topography of both developments utilising the material removed during the earthworks, which is the most efficient way to avoid removal of surplus material off site.
  • Week 5 - Substructure
    The ‘cut and fill’ process will bring both developments up to the new proposed construction levels, providing a platform to commence the substructure works on Captain’s View (Golwg-y-Mor) in week five of the construction programme.
  • Development excavation
    On completion of the topsoil strip, GGAT will then carry out a pre-determined excavation across the development assisted by the groundworks contractor. These works are to ascertain the level of archaeological interest that remains at the development, following an initial archaeological excavation which was carried out on the site several years ago.
  • Construction works commence
    Construction phase works will commence with both the site drainage and first foundations being dug for the Sales Village plots 1-5
  • Week 36
    The development at Captain's View is currently in programme week 36 of a 110 week programme with works on the development progressing well within the period. The properties currently being constructed are following the agreed build route commencing from the bottom end of Braunton Crescent adjacent to the development welfare facility working their way up to the top of Braunton Crescent. The properties are currently at various stages of construction ranging from internal works to high levels of superstructure works. We have commenced the internal fit out of the first four properties, two of which are to be the showhome and sales office for the development which we are planning to open in May 18, the second two properties are to be the first for open market sale. The new road for the development that is adjacent to the existing park area has also been completed in the period with the all the new development drainage currently live and connected in anticipation for the new properties to be complete.
  • Development commenced
    The development has also commenced and is currently running simultaneously with Captain's View. The groundworks element is progressing on the first affordable properties abutting Clevedon Road with the foundations being completed to the first 8 units by the end of February 18. The road for the development is currently under construction with an estimated completion date of March 18.
  • Week 30
    Silvervale Park is currently in programme week 30 of a 160 week programme with the development now benefiting from a large part of both the mains drainage and infrastructure roads now being completed within the development boundary. The roads have been linked to both the access onto Crickhowell Drive and Willowbrook Drive allowing access and egress for both areas of the development. The superstructure phase has also commenced with brickwork on going on 5 of the first blocks in phase 1 adjacent to Crickhowell Road. The first block plots 1-5 which includes both the Showhome and the sales office will be roofed by the end of Feb 18 with view of opening the Showhome June 18 and the first resident occupations being July 18. The foundations for the next phase of the development are now underway with the piling solution being completed for phase 2 being completed by Feb 18.