At Aspen Grove we are delivering smart energy solutions to enable you to make the most of low carbon energy through seamless integrated renewable energy generation and storage systems built into your home, enabling you to use energy when it’s low cost and low carbon.


Solar energy is harvested from the sun

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels use cells containing a semiconductor material to capture the sun’s energy and convert solar radiation into electricity.


The energy is stored in a battery

The electricity is stored in a battery installed in your home. When additional electricity is needed to top up the battery it can be drawn from the grid during low-cost/low carbon periods, and excess electricity can be sold back to the grid at high-cost/high carbon periods.


The energy is used to power your home

The electricity will be used to power your home as normal (i.e. keep the lights on) but can also be used to charge an electric car via the charging points located on your external wall. The energy is controlled by a smart home energy management system called ‘The BEE', which monitors your home’s energy needs to optimise the distribution of energy within your home.


Heat is generated via a ground source heat pump

Heat (for both hot water and central heating) is generated via a ground source heat pump (which runs on electricity), connected to a system of deep underground boreholes.


The stored heat is distributed around the home

You have a hot water tank connected to the heat pump to store hot water for showers or washing up.


Minimising heat loss

As well as the groundbreaking new energy and heat harvesting technologies, we further ensure that the carbon footprint of your home is minimised through insulation at all possible points of heat loss.