Investment &

The Cardiff Living partnership is dedicated to delivering far more than high quality homes.

We have committed to target our recruitment and training opportunities at the people living in the Cardiff communities in which we are developing.

The opportunities available through our 10 year programme will include

  • Employment
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work Placements
  • Training
  • Volunteering

We will also be working alongside local groups and local schools and colleges to provide added community benefits, including delivery of our training and curriculum support programmes.
You can find more on these programmes through the links below.

All employment and training opportunities will be advertised through our Current Vacancies or Events pages.

Schools we work with


At Wates we recognise than the best results come through collaborative working, we have been working with the below organisations over the past two years to deliver sustainable Social Value across the city.

  • Careers Wales
  • School Of Hard Knocks
  • Pop Up Business School
  • Cardiff Commitment
  • CC Into Work Team
  • Probation Services
  • The Wallich
  • The Huggard Centre
  • Local Housing Associations
  • Principality
  • BITC
  • The Officers Association
  • CITB