Our vision

To deliver exemplar quality homes and regenerate neighbourhoods in one of Europe’s most liveable cities.

Cardiff Living is a new kind of housing partnership that offers the best in both private and affordable construction and development expertise alongside a strong commitment to communities and regeneration.


Modern life design

Our new homes are designed with modern life in mind. They are spaces that will complement your lifestyle and allow you to grow. High specification design and unrivalled build quality results in a home that you can live in without compromise.


Energy efficiency

All homes will be:

  • Built to high energy efficiency standards
  • More sustainable, resulting in lower energy bills for residents
  • Will have reduced demand for energy


Connected communities

Our developments are connected communities that offer direct access to a thriving capital city alongside road, rail and air links for convenient travel to domestic and international destinations.


Community spirit

Our developments are not stand-alone but are instead woven into the fabric of existing communities. The provision of shared amenities and public space contribute to the existing community spirit and create homes and neighbourhoods that people want to be part of.



The partners of Cardiff Living each bring their individual qualities and expertise, resulting in developments that are an exemplar of both the built environment and the social environment.


Enjoy the environment

Each development will promote physical activity through the built environment. We will prioritise pedestrian travel over motorised transport through the Home Zones concept, creating active travel structures and layouts and promoting access to open spaces and community / retail facilities by walking or cycling.