History of the area


Llanrumney holds an important place in Cardiff’s history. This large suburb in the east of the city has a rich heritage defined by its centuries under Norman rule and the influence of the famous Morgan dynasty.

Llanrumney has long been associated with its most well known family, the Morgan’s, whose coat of arms sits above the fireplace at Llanrumney Hall where five generations of the Morgan family lived. Llanrumney Hall was a Grade I listed manor house built in 1450 and set within 700 acres of land. It was originally the property of the ancient family of Kemys in the 16th century following the dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. It came into the Morgan’s ownership after it was left to the daughter of William Kemys who then married Thomas Morgan.

Most notorious of the Morgan family was Sir Henry Morgan, a successful privateer. His reputation as a fearsome buccaneer was the inspiration behind a new brand of rum created in 1944. Sir Henry Morgan lived out his final days at his sugar cane plantation in Jamaica. He left one of his properties in Jamaica – that he named Llanrumney – to his wife and that is where the populated area of Llanrumney can be found today in the Saint Mary region in the north of Jamaica.

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